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Episode 9701        Air Date: Nov. 1997
-Pilot - "Punch Bug"
The Half Hour guys watch traffic go by at the corner of Rt. 91 and Rt. 303. This is the heart of Hudson. Special drive bys: Jeff Alexander (twice) and Bob Pelander is seen right before the credits roll. This is the original (:10) end credit.

Episode 9702        Air Date: Dec. 1997
"Yule 'B' Roasting"
While watching a fire we cook two pans of Jiffy Pop popcorn. Music was supplied by Dave Stebbins of Stow. Pet cat Gilligan makes two appearances. Yes, in case you were wondering, the popcorn does catch fire. NOTE: Do not pop on campfire or uneven heat.

Episode 9703        Air Date: Jan. 1998
"Tommy Can You Feed Me"
Shot at the now gone Tomaso's Restaurant you can see Chris' wife drive by (she's in the red car). We ordered a Diet Coke, Coke and two Italian subs.

Episode 9804        Air Date: Feb. 1998
"All But One"
One of the few episodes it took two tries to shoot. On our driving tour of Hudson we attempt to drive by every traffic light failing to get to the light at 91 and Aurora St. Of course, due to editing we miss 91 & 303 as well. We make 7 rights and 8 lefts if you're keeping track at home.

Episode 9805        Recorded: March 1998
"Drive Up Window"
On an unusually cold day for this winter (due to El Nino), we look in on Hudson's new Post Office. We chat with Wayne and Hudson's finest.

Episode 9806        Air Date: April 1998
"Kids @ Play"
Shot at the Hudson Community Playground built by the citizens of Hudson. We ponder the questions do we every watch our children play and did those kids really know who we were?

Episode 9807        Air Date: May 1998
"M.R. Ducks"
Shot at the lake behind the Barlow Community Center, we enjoy the wonderful wildlife and struggle to stay awake.

Episode 9808        Air Date: June 1998
"All that Jazz I & II"

Episode 9809        Air Date: July 1998
"Tear-A-Way Jersey"

Episode 9810        Air Date: August 1998
"Expecting Big Things"

Episode 9811        Air Date: September 1998
"Why do they call them K's?"

Episode 9812        Air Date: October 1998
"The Kid is Alright"

Episode 9813        Air Date: October 30 - Nov. 1, 1998
"The 1/2 Hour Show Marathon"