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Season 4
Episode 00-39        Air Date: Nov. 2000
"1/2 Hour Halloween"
We received and email which informed us that we were being featured in one of the entries in Hudson's annual Halloween window painting contest. So we went out to watch ourselves get painted. Pretty cool.

Episode 00-40        Air Date: Dec. 2000
"Yule Be On TV"
A continuation of a now Christmas tradition and yet another twist on the watching a fire in the fireplace scenario.

Episode 01-41        Air Date: Jan. 2001
"Behind the Scenes"
A look back at clips from some of our past seasons. Mark Judy hosts.

Episode 01-42        Air Date: Feb. 2001
"Gone Fishing"

Episode 01-43        Air Date: March 2001
"March Madness"

Episode 01-44        Air Date: April 2001
"Kill Shot"

Episode 01-45        Air Date: June 2001
"Workin' at the Car Wash"

Episode 01-46        Air Date: July 2001
"Relay for Life"

Episode 01-47        Air Date: August 2001
"Synchronized Lawn Mowing"

Episode 01-48        Air Date: Sept. 2001
"Picked Off"

Episode 01-49        Air Date: Oct: 2001
"God Bless America"

Episode 01-50        Air Date: Nov. 2 - 4, 2001
"Marathon IV"
Episodes include: "March Madness" "Kill Shot" "Synchronized Lawn Mowing" "Relay for Life" Hosted by Kabir Bhatia from "Up Late with Stewkey"