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Episode 9814    Air Date: Nov. 1998
"Pay at the Pump"
We watch cars refuel at BP while we freeze. What else can we say?

Episode 9815    Air Date: Dec. 1998
"Yule 'Still' B Roasting"
An encore presentation from last year's winter show. This time we eat popcorn from a bag and the Yule log is fake. Is nothing sacred? Could this start a tradition?

Episode 9916    Air Date: Jan. 1999
"Take Your Mark..."
Watch the big swim meet at Ada Cooper Miller Natatorium. Great relay race about 20 minutes into the show.

Episode 9917    Air Date: Feb. 1999
"Having a Ball in the Snow"
While looking out over Hudson Springs Lake in the last winter of the century a snowball fight starts up. Snow ballers include: Michelle Dolciato, Mike Shanahan, Jim Wolf, Lyn Sabol, Lauren Sabol, Jim Marzullo, Debbie Krutowsky, Alison Aquila, Claire Aquila and Bridget Conkling

Episode 9918    Air Date: March 1999
"Room for Lent"
St. Mary's Parish has a Lenten seafood dinner every year, and we were hungry. Fried shrimp and pierogies are mmm...mmm....GOOD.

Episode 9919    Air Date: April 1999
"Wish you were Here"
Yes we are aware that this is a little far away from Hudson. To date, this is the only episode shot outside of the city. We were on vacation in Daytona Beach in December and like any good vacationers decided not to pass up a sunset.

Episode 9920    Air Date: May 1999
"Hop, Skip and Splash"
Ellsworth Meadows gold course, formerly known as Big Springs, is now open to play. We are on the 7th hole, a water hole (which becomes obvious), 142 yards, par 3. Special thanks to Denny Smith, Golf Manager/Professional and the wonderful golfers.

Our June 1999 Episode was our first repeat.

Episode 9921    Air Date: July 10, 1999
"It was 200 Years Ago Today"
The City of Hudson celebrates it bicentennial. How can we not be there? The story goes on June 18, 1799 David Hudson, for who the town is named, found the corner marker and spent his first night on his land. This even is the reenactment of that now famous day. These folks walked the original route. Happy Birthday City of Hudson.

Episode 99-22    Air Date: Aug. 1999
"Touch 'em All Time"
Hudson Community Education and Recreation has a Sunday afternoon Coed softball league. We watch from the third base side at Barlow Park. Around 17 minute in we witness a three run home run. By the way the title is openly stolen from channel 43's Jack Corrigan's home run call. Teams: Best Tech Securities vs. Kral Builders.

Episode 99-23    Air Date: Sept. 1999
"Loud is Good"
We watch a rehearsal of the 1999 Hudson High School Swing marching band. Our show starts with groups practicing, but at nine minutes into the show the band runs through pregame. Special thanks to Mark Zartman, Ed Kline, Roberto Iriarte, Sergio Iriarte and Donna Colman.

Episode 99-24    Air Date: Oct. 1999
"Active Deer?"
Hudson made 'active deer' crossing signs so we went out to see some. Surprisingly (or not) we didn't see any. Fun bit of trivia: we are located looking northbound on Route 91 between Georgetown Rd and the Regal Movie Theater.

Episode 99-25    Air Date: Halloween 1999
"The 1/2 Hour Show Marathon II"
The second annual marathon is on the air with four episodes from the past year. They include: February's "Having a Ball in the Snow", August's "Touch 'em All Time", May's "Hop, Skip and a Splash" and January's "Take Your Mark." Special thanks to WUAB's Jack Marshall, Jack Corrigan, Ronnie Duncan and Jeff Phelps.