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Episode 99-26        Air Date: Oct. 1999
"Pleasant Valley Sunday"
On a beautiful Sunday afternoon the guys are not opposed to watching someone mow a lawn. Not much for excitement - but it is mowed diagonally.

Episode 99-27        Air Date: Dec. 2000
"Yule Really Be Roasting"
Becoming one of our more popular episodes, we watch the Christmas Yule log inside a television set, of course there is one catch...the fire is really in the television. We did shoot this outdoors with the wall being supplied by The Hudson Players and fire suppression by Ron Bates of the Hudson Fire Department.

Episode 00-28        Air Date: January 2000
With all the talk of the 'new millennium' how could we turn down the chance to create an episode to represent this. There was lots of talk on how things in the world were not going to go right so our show has the traffic at the corner of 303 and Stow Roads going backwards.

Episode 00-29        Air Date: Feb 2000
"And Toto Too"
We attend a dog obedience class. We learn to heel, walk and our favorite...sit. Thanks to the instructor Joe Neuzil and dogs: Bodie, Carson, Colby, Oliver and Romeo.

Episode 00-30        Air Date: March 2000
"Spring Training"
We sit behind home and watch the Hudson Explorer's baseball team finish a practice game at 'Sousbee Field.'

Episode 00-31        Air Date: April 2000
"It's Only A Game"
Continuing the theme of the boys of summer we play a video baseball game. rained a lot this summer.

Episode 00-32        Air Date: May 2000
"School Board or Really Bored"
We watch as our friend and Hudson school board member prepares his windows for painting. Looks like hard work to us. Hot too. Good thing we had lemonade.

Episode 00-33        Air Date: June 2000
"Mobile Home"
This episode had us watching a house as it sat on the street waiting for it's new home. Yes, it finally moved.

Episode 00-34        Air Date: July 2000
"Happy Birthday America"
On the Fourth of July things get busy at American Fireworks (whose home happens to be Hudson). Since it's against the law to shoot fireworks off in the state of Ohio, it amazes us how many people from Pennsylvania drive here to buy their fireworks.

Episode 00-35        Air Date: Aug. 2000
"And Now for Something Completely Different"
Hudson Cable Television has a new show called "It's a Good Day in Hudson" with host Frank Youngwerth. He invited us on his show and while we taped his show we decided to record ours. This is the first time we both got up from our chairs.

Episode 00-36        Air Date: Sept. 2000
"Always Ready"
The Hudson Volunteer Fire Department is always ready to fight fires, respond to auto accidents or whatever the case may be. Here we see firefighter and engineer Mike Merritt on a Saturday morning checking the equipment to make sure everything is running o.k. so it's ready for an emergency.

Episode 00-37        Air Date: Oct. 2000
"Hudson Gladiators"
We attend the D.A.R.E. carnival at Hudson Middle School. In a good old fashioned fun we sit in the back gym watching kids hit each other with jousting sticks.

Episode 00-38        Air Date: Oct 27-29, 2000
"2000 Marathon III"
Our third season comes to a close and with the help of City Manager Mike Morton, Police Chief Jim Brown, HCTV's Frank Youngwerth and Fire Chief Bob Carter (it's good to know people) they introduce each retrospective segment for the two-hour marathon. This years episodes include: "Active?", "Y2K", "And Now For Something Completely Different", and "Yule Be Roasting".